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Elite spec animations and skiffs look low quality, more time in the oven needed?


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From the virtuoso's dagger autoattack to the willbender's spin to the harbinger's weird daredevil vault (with the effect traveling bellow you) and most recently with some of the animations for vindicator and bladesworn just sliding forwards or backwards.

I understand that reuse of animations is pretty regular practice in game dev buf the majority is reused animations or animation of your character being dragged by an invisible hand with no sense of momentum or movememt.

It also doesnt stop at especs, many have pointed out that the skiffs dont feel natural and dont move like youd expect a boat that hits the water to move, the water doesnt react realistically or as close it could to realistic either.

Does eod need more time in the oven to polish these animations and give us a higher quality product and if yes then how would these look if they did release in 2021 as they intented?

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There's still several months until release and polishing animations is one of the last things done in game development—it's more important to get models and textures and voice acting (among other things) in since those are the big things that players will notice if they're wrong or missing.

As it is, the fishing livestream had better animations for skiffs than the teaser trailer did so they're clearly working on them. If they were still releasing EoD this year I'd agree they should delay it, but they did delay it and unless something else is going on behind the scenes, it tracks with game development. If everything else is mostly done, 5 months for tweaking animations is plenty of time without having to resort to mandatory crunch.

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