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Achievement credit without completing it.

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A Star To Guide Us.

I just visited Jahai Bluffs for the first time on a new account yesterday (15 Sep 2021)

After completing the introduction story (A Shattered Nation) and a quick roam around the map including doing 1 bounty, I have been awarded the following achievements without actually attempting them, or even locating their start points;

Jahai Bluffs Griffin Expert: Silver

Jahai Bluffs Griffin Expert: Gold

Jahai Bluffs Griffin Master: Silver

Jahai Bluffs Griffin Master: Gold

Some people might call this serendipity, but I actually enjoy the Griffin courses and would like to have received the XP from them as I am still completing masteries.

Anyone else seen this strange behaviour?

Is it possible to have achievements reset? Anyone done that?


Thank you

Account: Killakoala.7321


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Yes, I had these achievements pop when completing griffon courses in other maps.  I did find that I got the double chests for first completion when actually doing them in Jahai Bluffs, but I didn't pay attention to whether it awarded the XP either when I got the achievement completion and the associated AP, or with the chests, so I don't know if that part happened at all.  I sent a couple of bug reports.

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I completed, for the first time, the griffin expert level today, completed gold, (2 lots of chests of bronze, silver and gold ,) and associated XP, despite the achievement already listed as complete.

Still bugged though as

Jahai Bluffs Griffin Master: Silver

Jahai Bluffs Griffin Master: Gold

are still listed as completed, even though I have never attempted it.

One of the game's many foibles.

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