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Sigil of Karka Slaying Recipe

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On 9/17/2021 at 6:50 PM, Inculpatus cedo.9234 said:

Doesn't say they ever dropped from Karkas.   The Sigils were only extracted from gear that contained them. 

When sigils were reworked, new account bound recipes were created for the slaying sigils. 

These recipes are dropped by those types of enemies. 

When you learn one of those recipes, the related enemy stops dropping them. 


There wasn't a recipe for grawl slaying until it was created for this update..


Karka are clearly not grawl, but they keep dropping the recipe of grawl slaying after it has been learned.  That recipe should not keep dropping once learned, yet karka keep dropping it.


This can only mean once thing: karka were meant to drop the recipe of karka slaying and stop when you unlock the recipe. But since they do not drop the recipe of karka slaying, you can't learn it to make them stop dropping it, so they keep producing the grawl recipe because their drop table has not been set properly.

This bug has been reported shortly after the update, but it has never been addressed.

And it still happens as of this day.

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