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Poll/Question related to the use of mats

Mats questions  

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  1. 1. What do you think more convenient about mats?

    • Hoarding
    • Selling for gold
    • Another option (please specify in comments)
    • Crafting

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Sometimes I feel a bit lost about what to do with the vast majority of materials we constantly get, so I wanted to ask this.

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Just to add crafting due the fact it was requested as an option
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Goals will help you determine what's best to do with mats.

If your goal is profit, then sale (or crafting/promoting materials into other things and then sale) of mats is a good way to go. Some people even combine this with hoarding and only sell once they've run out of bank space. If you're more interested in collecting skins, unlocking novelties, or simply making mosaics in your bank storage with stacks of mats, you have even more options.

There are also gizmos that eat a bit of material each day in exchange for random loot, festival (and open world) vendors that directly pull materials out of the economy in exchange for RNG lootboxes, and several crafting goals like legendary gear/weapons (and related achievements with crafting components) that will also eat through your stockpiles.

So figure out your goal and the solution to your material problem should follow.

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I forgot about Drizzlewood; that's impressive even for me.
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You missed the primary use case - consume by crafting!

I'm happy to add stuff to my material storage until it's full. After that, I only store extra if I know I need it for crafting; I refine and sell the surplus. Note, crafting ascended mats will use up a lot of other mats, so if nothing else means you need less space to store the results.

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Most of the time I just let them build up, the first thing I do when sorting my inventory is deposit materials, and I do it again once I've sold/salvaged everything. Sometimes I use them for crafting or trading to NPCs for collections and things, sometimes I sell them to get gold.

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9 hours ago, Leo.3428 said:

Crafting. Out of the 5 people who picked "Other" before crafting was added, how many meant crafting?

I picked other before crafting was added and I meant all of the above and crafting. Honestly I missed that crafting wasn't an option, because it's the obvious thing to do with materials. 

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I Hoard by default, materials I KNOW I wont need I sell off to maintain space.

I plan out legendary items and any future crafting wishes compress/prepare materials to help reduce space used when applicable. Next with the stuff I dont expect to ever need I eventually upgrade the materials with crafting to the best resale value when applicable and just sell the rest. However, I almost never sell all of a material because new recipes and uses do get added. Therefore, I typically sell off enough to maintain free space. If prices spike on certain materials I some times dump while the price and demand are high.

I try to save and use as much as I can because I hate to sell off materials and pay 15% in fees then end up buying the same materials a few months later.

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