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Playing melee in open world meta events

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13 hours ago, Grimlineman.6759 said:

How do you enjoy playing melee in meta events? What I mean is how do you even know your contributing for the most part when you have 50 people standing at the same spot of the thing that needs to die feet and can’t tell if you attacking or not by looking at your character through the blob of people? Do you look at your action bars to see if attack chains are going off? Do you look for floating combat numbers? I  prefer playing melee in small groups but in large events I find this a problem so I mainly stick to classes that can range as well but I miss my warrior and want to know how others deal with it? Maybe I rely to much on watching my character for visuals but when I can’t see what I’m doing = Less fun. 


There is a horizontal red line under each your action bar skills, a line that stays up until you get in skill's reach with your current targetted enemy.

This is very useful to know and utilize in raids and meta events. Surely for competitive scene, too. Check settings if you don't see it.

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