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Catalyst: Likes and Dislikes


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13 minutes ago, draxynnic.3719 said:

Giving tempest something desirable is something I've acknowledged as a possibility throughout. Alacrity, perhaps. Or some unique stat buff effect that gets applied whenever the tempest applies an aura to someone (this could vary depending on the aura). As long as it's not quickness, tempest and catalyst are still compatible with each other.


Ultimately, catalyst existing is not the problem for heal tempest. The problem for heal tempest is that most people have never wanted what it brought to high-end PvE in the first place.

That or just give tempest stronger protection for there group its very odd that was never a thing. The lost of 10 target effects in wvw was a massive blow to the class and realty made core ele support on part with tempest support which is going to let cat fill that healing boon support.

It will be and pve is kind of a joke at this point for min maxing the only real balance in this game that fill pve is wvw. There just too many effects classes can do that are comply pointless in pve and spvp missing soo many pve effect such as food gear rune every thing that give flavor to builds that you cant call it a "build your self" game type.


My build i am planing and what i think its base off of:


Cat line 1 or 3, 3, 3 rune set is in question but i think you need the added healing effect to make up for the lost of tempest line the 10 stacking effect should be easy to get with all of the 5 target boons. Just wish there was a combo rune set but they took all of that out of the game.

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