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Just got disconnected from game server, lost 45 minutes of time in an instanced living story? WTH

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So i just spent 45 minutes doing the final chapter of S3E3 living story, A Crack in The Ice, and I'm literally LISTENING TO ENDING DIALOG and the game server disconnects me. I log back in and realize I'm at the VERY beginning of the last chapter and it's asking me if I want to start it.... So I start it, thinking it has saved my progress and I'm at the beginning.... No warning or anything, just booted to character select screen with the disconnect message.... I probably had 2-3 more minutes of dialog until I officially had completed it. WTH is this??? Seriously?

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I think it would be better if the player had a choice whether to save progress in case of exiting the instances prior to completion for any reason. I realize that's not how dungeons go, but it would make the game more friendly to people who have offscreen interruptions or who have limited concentration and can't play long instances well.

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