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[NA] (PvX) Saltys Haven [SH] - Women/GNC Centered Gaming Community

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Join <Saltys Haven [SH]>!

We are a Women Centered Gaming Community, inclusive of all female & gender non-conforming identities. Please consider this when deciding whether to join. We are here to support & empower each other. This server is a part of the Guild, but it is very much more so a community that reaches farther than GW2.

NA|No set server at this time|Events Daily|Super Chill|Friendly & Welcoming to players of all levels|No set focus, we are breaking into higher Tier Fractals and Raiding|Age: 21+|Active Discord

We advertise as a Women Centric space. Both trans and cis men, of any sexuality, may be invited on a case by case basis (friends and family).
We will not tolerate misogyny, toxicity, archaic/patriarchal views, or support of oppression in any form, from any member.

We maintain a Ladies and Theydies only space for gen chat and voice chat.

  • Expectations:

    • These are here to ensure everyone has a comfortable, safe place to enjoy. 

    • You must be 21+ to be a part of the our community. There are a few exceptions from individuals who were "grand fathered" in to this rule.

    • We do not tolerate discrimination of any kind; this includes discrimination based on race, gender, sexual orientation, homophobia, transphobia, age, parental status, or nationality.

    • Treat everyone with civility and give each other space to disagree. We're all individuals; not everyone will be friends/vibe. However, we expect that there will be absolutely no harassment, sexism, racism, bullying or hate speech. 

    • Passive Aggressive or Aggressive behaviors will not be tolerated. If you need assistance with improving your ability to communicate assertively, please speak with an officer.

    • No fighting in public spaces; please disengage or take your discussion offline.

    • Non-officers are able to get on the schedule to run events. 

    • Anyone can recruit. 

    • Guild leadership (leader, co leader, officers) will not engage in abusing power (or power tripping). Once confirmed, this will lead to demotion and possible ban. If it's the guild leader, talk to anyone else from leadership as they've been instructed to curb stomp the guild leader if they let the "power" get to their head. Like, really, I can't say this enough, this is a game. It's NOT that serious.

This is a co-op as far as I'm concerned, with people who have volunteered to Admin/Mod, and have proven themselves capable of doing so with integrity.
Officers in game accounts: Zithy.5246; JayeOtoso.3801; MixolydianGray.6578; Little Red Hood.7268; Horace Slughorn.8704


Please feel free to send an in-game mail if we are not online; it may help to include your discord username.
Please message with any questions!

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Update Title; add officers accounts
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  • Zithy.5246 changed the title to [NA] (PvX) Saltys Haven [SH] - Women/GNC Centered Gaming Community
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Just joined, 10/13/21. Folks are very welcoming and helpful from the start. Awesome lvl 29 Gilded guildhall but honestly, it could be just people on a chat that I could group with and I'd be happy. They are that supportive and warm. And instant homey feeling.

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