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A big thank you for DX11, and a few questions [Merged]

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14 hours ago, fluffdragon.1523 said:


"Installing" DXVK

  1. Get the latest download from:  https://github.com/doitsujin/dxvk/releases -- this will be a GZipped Tar file (7zip and similar will help you here).



Many thanks for this.

I did get it to load the DXVK d3d9.dll , firstly by having a clean bin64 folder (no other mods), and then renaming the dxvk d3d9.dll as a direct replacement to d912pxy.dll. This makes sense: dxvk is not aware of the gw2 mod ecosystem and so it should be the last one in the rendering chain).

With DXVK_HUD=1 in system environment variables then I could see Vulcan hud info from DXVK, but then the dxgi.dll loaded came from the Windows system folder (it wasn't the one dropped into the bin64 folder of GW2). This didn't seem to matter for DX9 however (see this reddit post: DXVK on Windows).

So it works and I can see the "stutter" from shaders compiling. No issues in terms of visual quality that I can see, so very happy on that front. Unfortunately I'm not seeing a performance improvement (an 8 year old PC, 4 physical  cores, with an nVidia 1070).

A new PC is on the cards anyway, so I'll brute force the performance somewhat that way. Thank you again.

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But is it really starting in 21 of september ? 22 is nearing (7:20 hours left here). There it is. i cannot start the game anymore. is there an easy way to revert the change ? Starting the game with

Gw2-64.exe -dx9

saved my "soul".

i attempted it with dxvk, no luck, so i'm stuck continuing with dx9 for now.

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On 9/19/2021 at 12:45 PM, makagoto.1204 said:


It wasn't possible back then, then why is it possible now?

DX9 does not support multithreading and has many graphical limitations, mostly because it was released in 2002 and cpu's/gpu's have evolved a lot since then.

The devs state themself in the article the DX9 renderer is a bottleneck and the remaining threads have to wait for it to complete it's renderpass.

I believe the devs had to adapt to a later DX-ver simply because they hit already all the DX9 borders with their engine and I expect big improvements with DX11.

Another reason could be that they got green light for another sequel(Guild Wars 3?) and could build a new graphic engine in the process, which helped to upgrade the engine in GW2?

Without the announcement of DX11 support i wouldn't care at all for this expansion. 

You misunderstood me. It was always possible for Anet to upgrade to DX11, it just wasn't a smart decision a few years back. And one of the major differences between now and a few years ago is that now the rendering thread is the bottleneck, but this was not always the case. Upgrading to DX11 back when the rendering thread was not the bottleneck would have provided 0 benefits.

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