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Returning Player - Need Summary of Expansions/Changes


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For Story overview, see the wiki--but I'll discuss features here.


Heart of Thorns got severely nerfed after release, although many players still claim its too challenging.


Path of Fire went back to casual content (Hearts, etc.) its like Central Tyria, just with alot more aggro since it added mounts which make traversing the maps without fighting alot easier.


Both gliding (HoT) and mounts (PoF) were made available for use in Central Tyria.


Path of Fire added nine new subclasses, just like HoT. The game has viable healers and tanks now, since a long time.


Many more Mastery lines (account progression) were added, some of them useable anywhere in the world.


Living World seasons doubled down on repeatable content to avoid the mistakes of LWS1. They're also completely different than LSW2, with each release having its own map (so the majority of lv80 maps are LW now).


Raids (10man and a few 80man like Twisted Marionette) were added. Strike Missions are mini-raids.


Many new Fractals were either added or revised. One new dungeon (Forging Steel) was added.


Between Personal Story, dungeons, Fractals, raids, Strike Missions and Dragon Response Missions (DRMs), the game has mostly focused into instanced content, though open-world content is still added regularly.


Legendary armor and trinkets were added. All Legendary equipment is account-wide, can be equipped by all characters simultaneously, can select any stats, extract any upgrades and be transmuted for free.


Legendary runes and sigls got added.


Ascended food got added (Chef 500), powerful feasts usable by all players though mostly in competitive.


Four-stat gears got added, allowing builds to be more well-rounded at the cost of less efficient min/maxing. For example, Maruder's (Power, Precision, Ferocity, Vitality), as opposed to Berserker's (Pow, Prec, Fer) from Core.


Celestial gear gained Boon Duration/Condition Duration, and became true all-stat gear.


The level cap wasn't raised and there's still no higher tier of gear than Ascended in power. Legendary only provides convenience and many players are still in Exotics. Ascended gear is alot easier to obtain.


Players can now use build templates and equipment templates, for easy swapping between multiple sets of gear and multiple different builds outside of combat.



This is just the highlights, there's alot more. For a complete breakdown see the wiki.

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