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Condi Rev Resistance (sPvP)


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Condi Rev Resistance application should be un-nerfed since the boon itself was reworked. The uptime was a bit too much with old Resistance, but now Resistance on Condi Rev is pretty much useless, with no other great options. Less powerful Resistance, more uptime at least pls. Ty


-Rev of Boa

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38 minutes ago, Hidden.5946 said:

Yeah that's also a good point. Either way, I think if the resistance from the traits was more like 3 seconds, it would make condi rev worth playing again.

Forgetting to mention, I did suggest that for sake of consistency with other traits like Spiritual Reckoning, they could give 3 seconds in PvP on elite every 10 seconds to stop the randomness and make a new trait that increases duration by 50%, one other additional effect I forgot though. 


This is however in response to have boon sync with Resolution from Retribution since it's an important boon now plus access to Resistance on other legends.

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