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Crossing the finish line, then reentering the current race as a late arrival, several times.


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So I crossed the finish line at the crown pavilion race, and there was like six minutes left, on a whim I talked to the race organizer.  There was an option to run the race, I was curious.  The race checkpoints reappeared, so I ran the course again and as I crossed the finish line a 2nd time I got festival tokens again and the counter for how many had finished the race went up by one.  I asked players about it, and most said that I must have started the time trial by accident.  Well I didn't get time trial chests and there was no time trial timer and no reset option.  So I waited for the next race and made sure I spoke to the race organizer npc after I finished my first lap.  It seems you can run several laps of this single lap race before the time runs out and get festival tokens each time you cross the finish line.   
Is this permitted or is this abuse?  
Is this even a bug, or is it just a side effect of having a late entry feature for mount races?
I assume all races allow you to do this, I just don't know of other races that reward you each time you cross the finish line.
I just don't want to pick up a farming habit and then get banned suddenly, and told that I should have known better. 
Can we get game master clarification on this?

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