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Credits where credits due: CATALYST IS AWESOME!


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Hammer: It has range (600 in fire and air), crazy FUN design, you guys I think nailed it with this weapon.

Those air skills look EPIC.


Utilities: don't seem that impactful, but we'll see them in action next week.

Elite: once again feels weak (very long cooldown for what it provides), and again a bit boring "buff" instead of something cooler.

Traits: look interesting, not something over the top but have cool design.



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I like it as well. The class mechanics work well for melee or ranged weapons,  if not a bit hard to use because it basically forces you to use them in the right attunement. Using them in the wrong attunements are basically mis-clicks. 

I like the idea of having basically circles of power and staying inside it for buffs. Very spell caster-y. It won't be super useful for WvW roaming though. Probably worse than the scourge for solo roaming. But not all specs should be great for solo roaming. Weaver is already top tier for roaming anyway. 

Excited to bring this to meta farm events! Tagging potential is crazy with Shattering Ice and the sphere aoe doing damage.

I actually predicted that the hammer will be a hybrid weapon in the weapon leak threads, but it's since been deleted so I can't gloat on that one lol.

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Feeling a bit better about the spec, skills look cool. Still would have preferred an actual range weapon due to knowing in any form of PvP this is just dagger/(focus/dagger) and 600 is just not enough for ele especially with how long these animations are taking. Dazes are going to be the bane of this especs existence.

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1 minute ago, Nawrotex.9521 said:

Yeah stop judging without seeing final product. Your yesterdays post was just a big mess and created unnecessary confusion.

I stand by my very first statement when they confirmed Hammer at the time of the silhouette teaser kek

On 9/11/2021 at 4:19 PM, ChronoPinoyX.7923 said:

I'm gonna wait this out till next week. The amount of assumption that "HaMmEr BaD" because of how other professions used it when Elementalists never touched it until this point is wild lel

I'm genuinely interested to see how ANet is gonna make Elementalist Hammer work and can't wait to see it next week, along with the other two E-Specs

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The fact, that this kit is build around F5 skill, which you are supposed to combo and use utilities in (while getting same results as other classes with spamming 2 buttons), it will be useless in WvW, where you just cant stay on spot. The stream was another example that designers don't care/know nothing about this game mode.

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So the utility "Shattering ice" will trigger an AoE attack to nearby enemies with an 1/4 ICD. I guess Staff's AoE might have got buffed by this, no? Like hitting a bunch of ppl with AoE's will proc more AoEs. Well... idk lol, im just wondering if we can make staff viable with the Catalyst, speacially now that we have a good access to quickness.

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9 minutes ago, JusticeRetroHunter.7684 said:

It's got potential, but they need to make those fields mobile in some way...or more accessible. otherwise it will be invalid in WvW and Spvp because most of the spec seems to depend on the f5 fields and comboing those fields.

It will work in PvP, the AoE is exactly the size of points. In WvW its unusable...Kinda hoped when i saw the AoE, that there will be trait to make it move with you, but no...there is "+50% effectivness" on spell you will not be able to use at all in WvW instead xD

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