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My initial take on Bladesworn.


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I quit 2 years ago and I wont be purchasing the expansion. 


To be fair I am just some person who has never played the spec and it may or may not be finished and that based on that my its a "opinion"  It does look like a fun spec that I hope people have fun with it.  Personally I just wont waste my time with it, becasue I know the way things work.  If it actually does crazy damage it will get nerfed into the ground, and becasue the sustain is so low it wont be viable after that happens.  It does nothing to make warriors more or less viable in wvw either.


To be clear the spec addresses several complaints depending how the skills function.  For example the blink, if it functions the same as mesmers and can be used vertically than yes otherwise no.


That being said, the spec is high in utility, but the sustain is low.  The utility has some niche use case scenario like the projection wall.  The other utility I suspect which would otherwise be good like the one that immobilizes will be neutered with an ICD on the immobilize making it well neutered which isn't a good word and speaks for itself.


Rest of the kit, addresses some of the things players have been asking for like kits on warrior.  However its the right thing for the wrong reasons.  Players were asking for kits so banners could become improved somehow.

Personally I didn't care but agreed that banners should of been made into passive utilities similar to reverent group buffs.  Does't seem like this spec does anything for banners not that it matters,


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