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Returning Player LFG [NA] PST


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I'm a pretty casual player mainly do PvE. Coming back after some time off, looking for a friendly casual guild. Mainly play late afternoon/evening PST. 

- no experience with Raids. but willing to learn

-ok in dungeons but its been a while

-used to play fractals but need to refresh a bit

-some playtime in PvP

-suck at WvW but will do as im told LOL


server = Borlis Pass (no issue if i need to hop)


main Necro/Ranger.

secondary DPS elemenalist... but guaranteed to die at a critical moment 


message me if i fit LittleHorn.6728 🙂 



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I'm starting a little guild. We are casual and we enjoy map exploration and completion. We have been playing through the game again and we are early on if you want to relearn the game with us. We have about 4 members so far after deciding to reinvigorate the guild today.. 


Let me know if you are interested!



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