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Map Loading Screen Stuck at STATE_MAP_DOWNLOAD (Lion's Arch) [RESOLVED]


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I've recently just finished my Personal Story and after the battle with Zhaitan I had to teleport to Lion's Arch to remember Scarlett's War. But the map just won't end up loading. I have another character which is a lvl 2 Sylvari and is currently in the Caledon Forest. I can load into that map, but for some reason my primary character is inaccessible at this point.

As mentioned in the title, the loading seems to be stuck on STATE_MAP_DOWNLOAD although the DownloadBytesComplete keeps on going even beyond 1 gigabytes of data. Because of that I am not even sure if this is a problem or not, but I've been playing Guild Wars 2 on and off for 5 years now and I don't I remember Lion's Arch being this difficult to download. Is there anyways anyone could help me with this? I have tried a lot of different fixes people have offered on other forums but none seem to be working. Also I don't wanna accidentally end up breaking the game in some way. Please help!


EDIT: So after a few more searches here and there, I came across a suggestion on Reddit. It seems connecting to a VPN is able to solve the issue by letting your client download the map files from a different server. If any one else faces this issue, I would high recommend connecting to a VPN before making any changes to any windows settings or game files.


EDIT 2: So I got my account blocked for security reasons because I used VPN. I suggest anyone coming across this post please make sure to read up to this point. I would suggest following @Healix.5819 's response thread instead of using a VPN.

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  • acnos.2940 changed the title to Map Loading Screen Stuck at STATE_MAP_DOWNLOAD (Lion's Arch) [RESOLVED]

I'm assuming you don't have the game fully downloaded? There's a problem with some patch servers that can cause the game to either download infinitely or stall without ever finishing the download.

To fix this, you have to manually select a different patch server:

https://imgur.com/a/8HA67lK (more info)

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