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Are they going to combine PVP with the usual PVE?


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Sorry I'm relatively new to the forums, but I was curious because while World versus World is kind of interesting I'd be more likely to keep my account if they decide to reintroduce PvP into the usual PvE environment. Also are they making an plans for solo pvp competitions at heart of mists?

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Nah the gw2 community is too weak for OW PvP everywhere it's only goin going to be in WvW or Spvp. Gw2 pve community can't stand raiding or fotm cms or difficult content dropping pvp in pve will instantly make half the players rage. These are the same people who thought HoT was too hard. Lmao i'd be blown away if the forums werent riddled with tears about not being able to do a heart because some horrible deadeye which you could kill by accident killed them.


Way more then half i'm being conservative.

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