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What's going to happen to old specs? Please ANet don't forget them


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Don't get me wrong, I already like Vindicator, Bladesworn and the new specs, but I have the feeling old ones may be left behind. 
Let me provide an example: Herald. 

Renegade has already replaced Herald in almost every game mode, being better at DPS (mainly condi, but also viable in power builds) and SUPPORT builds (thanks to Alacrity), widely good in Raids, PvP and WvW. 

Herald has a small nieche for power builds with boon support in zergs, not even full support build (despite being clearly designed with support in mind), since Ventari is so much better with Renegade specs. 

Vindicator is already probably only viable in pvp/wvw, and would need some changes to be good in PvE (eg: alacrity on F2 when attuned to another legend and a decent Urn of Saint Viktor elite).

Now, I believe those changes are going to happen in some way or another, making Power Vindicator viable somehow. This will probably make Herald completely useless unless it gets changed somehow.

Just my 2 cents. Hoping this thread gets some traction and visibility. 

PS: please add an option to hide legendary trinket effects (on other players), they completely ruin the game ❤️ 

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I agree I made a post they other day about how many specs will be enough and it got a lot of traction (mostly with folks disagreeing with me and wanting more)? I’m with you in that  I like a lot about the new specializations but what I don’t like is how the old ones just seem to been forgot about and don’t get any updates or  improvements.

A lot of the core specs I enjoy more than the new stuff  but it’s hard to play them when I know the newer specs just do most things  better. Its a bad  to continually just build new and improve and leave the old stuff people enjoy behind which is what I feel is happing and why I made the post when will it be enough.
I’m afraid it’s always gonna be out with the old in with the new. If you want to play an old spec have fun hobbling around 😞


Edit for some examples of updates. 

I would love for core necros staff skills to be fixed because that’s a weapon and a spec I desire to play. And sure I can but it feels like garbage compared to other options in most scenarios. Same with warrior and ranged weapons, the bow and rifle (depending if you want to play power or condi) needs some love! I’m sure pistol will be good on warrior until the next shiny spec for them comes along….. 

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