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Does the Catalyst UI seem a bit lacklustre?


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I can't be the only one that thinks it right? Like the new Warrior spec got a complete new UI for their mechanic that looks really polished. But ele seems a bit rushed, lacking etc? The f5 skill is just a box with a tiny bar above it and a divider to the left. Nothing even like Druid avatar bar above the dodge bar or anything. No good looking effects around icons.

I really hope it's just placeholder and it gets better looking as one of my favourite things GW2 does is how they marry the effects from classes with their UI elements with small effects when transforming, switching things etc.

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They could've made our Sphere Energy bar more like Druids, my only concern is that is looks too small and we already have multiple things to visually track in our AI. But other than that, we don't need much more complexity anyway.

And as a side note, at least our new skill icons are GORGEOUS, I loved them all! thankfully they didn't get the Hargbinger's Elixirs treatment 🙏

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