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LFG [NA] Vet player on Mag


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My name is Zinjib, but you can just call me Zin. I am looking for a community that is tight knit and wants to bring in more members. I am looking for an active community where I can chat with people and do content with them also. A guild on the Maguuma server would be awesome, but if  not that is cool too. I have been playing gw2 since 2013, been in a couple guilds, lead a couple guilds, and still have not found that perfect community that I am looking for. I do also have irl priorities that take place over gw2 and would like a guild that understands that I have other things going on.       Some examples of content I have done in gw2 are....
-Achievement Hunting

If you have any suggestions feel free to respond to this thread, or message me in game at Zalak.7310

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