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Disable necro in pvp


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Let's disable all classes. Cause every class has some annoying build to play against as a certain class.


And to determine, which team wins the match we are going to play rock, paper, scissors.


We got it that Necro might still bee too strong in spvp. But could you stop making separate posts. Just go to one of the already existing posts and write your opinion there.


But coming here just complaining "Necro to strong" doesn't help one bit.


And I could also say "warrior too strong, because it can Perma cc me as a Necro player. -unfun to play pls nerf" 

But if you can believe other pvp players, then warrior is still too weak. So what is true now?

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Oh look minion hp got nerfed... AGAIN. How many times does anet have to nerf minion hp to realize thats not the problem with mm? Minions already die in 1v1s and just get resummoned. The problem is the weakness, immob, and chill uptime. The shroud tankiness. The lich pressure. The condi immunity & transfers. Necro gets far more value in 2v2s and teamfights so MM is still going to be meta. GG anet.

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