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Engineer Build Showcase - Show your favourites

Fenris Silverfang.7906

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After having a good look around it does seem that many people do feel that engineer has some big problems, usually coming from the fact that they have very little weapon choices and the use of kits and certain talents seems heavily encouraged.

This is to the point that experimenting around and straying to far from whats considered a must have leads to mixed results.


So here's the plan, why not compile a list of your craziest and most importantly fun builds? Encourage everyone to try something different and maybe find some inspiration to switch things up.

Personally I love swapping things around and seeing what talents go together nicely to create odd synergies, which may not be optimal, but enjoyable for sure in their own way.

When I played back in the day I used to literally run around with my wrench out and go all out turrets, living my tf2 engineer dream to the fullest.

Nowadays, more sillyness.


Mortar Kit fire support for example, wonder if you could run that using holosmith instead of scrapper. Could be fun cause of the strike damage increase based on heat level?


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Slight changes to it. Speedmortar :D
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My Fav classes in gw2 atm are Condi Herald and Condi Holo.

However with my condi holo is use an optimized build of https://snowcrows.com/builds/engineer/holosmith/condition-holosmith.
Well i d not say optimized, but its a good build for people that dont wanna run perma food to get full condi duration.
I also swapped out the overheat trait with the heat increase by 50, because i dont like to hurt myself since the sustain is already not that high with this build. I also find this going more smooth because after overheat you cant go in photon forge for a some seconds.

Here it is:
http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PekAoqlFw6YaMOGKOWL5vTA-zRRYfBJaGNcdlRHFQIJgmXERYBgYC8A-e For those who dont want to look at every infusion: Its 17x Malign and 1x Spiteful. As you can see this build reaches exactly 100% burn and bleeding duration without any food.
However there are also bad parts about this build. As you can already see on the benchmark of snowcrows. Boon reliance and so on.
This Build also works: http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PekAoqlFw6YaMOGKOWL5vTA-zRRYfBhaGNcXlRHFQIJgmXkgYD8A-e It has slightly higher condi dmg, power and expertise but a bit lower crit damage. I would suggest this one more. (This build uses 18x Malign)

But the boons are pretty big trash:
The protection, regeneration, swiftness and vigor comes from the healing skill and has a very low duration.
The might only comes from the trait that i swapped with overheat trait. And corona burst. This build has a low selfboon uptime. The only good/steady boon is might and this one is very halfbaked on this build.
Imo this build is very similar to Condition Sword Weaver in case of boons.

Also Pistols on engi could get some rework as i wrote in this post:

However all this doesnt affect the fun factor i get from the gameplay with this build. I really enjoy playing with it.
I love condi Holo. 😄

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2 hours ago, SeTect.5918 said:

My Fav classes in gw2 atm are Condi Herald and Condi Holo.

I haven't tried herald yet myself, but I got a renegade condi one going on my revenant. Been good fun as well.


As for more engi stuff, you seem to have a lot of choices for your supporting skills by the main ones are always a mystery to me.

You can beef up turrets , elixirs, explosions, kits, make gyros turn you into a speedfreak, sure...

But then what goes in the mainhand?... I guess the choices there are so limited with pistol/pistol, pistol/shield and rifle that you use kits to get more synergy with traits. So grenades seem like the go-to choice, perhaps mortar?... 

Don't really know where wrench fits in at all, but I know bomb kit is mostly for swapping in and out for some skills.


Hammer and sword seem okay for scrapper and holo, but also a shame they're tied to elites.

Hopefully the EoD spec will add something fresh but I really wish you had 1-2 more weapon choices for core cause it really feels a little lacking.


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I like to name my builds by mixing traits together to get the name.

Build #1, Big Temper.
Grenade builds are always going to be better with Holosmith or Scrapper, but I prefer to play core for a variety of reasons. Mostly because I enjoy difficulty, so I tend to lean toward high risk or suboptimal builds, so long as they're capable of doing what I want them to do effectively.
This one functions the same as it would on Holo or Scrapper, but I have the "fight ender" skill, Moa, and can also afford to take take Tools which means I have extremely high Endurance regeneration. With Tool Kit it also means I have multiple very hard hitting skills between; Grenade Barrage, Pry Bar, Blunderbuss, Jump Shot, and Throw Wrench.
Also want to note that I use Hydro sigil because it will proc Explosive Entrance which means hitting someone with a skill like Pry Bar can be a triple hit, or point blank with Grenade Barrage.

Build #2, Energy Injection.
Big dumb Cele monkey build. Have seen people using Grenades with Cele too, but I really enjoy this version. Mostly camping Flamethrower for Might, Stability, and high melee pressure, rotating out when necessary for Pistol skills and Acid Bomb. It has very high Condition cleanse, and high Protection, Stability, and Might uptime.
What I enjoy most about this build is just how quickly it snowballs a fight, be it 1v1 or 1vX (and it works quite well in zergs too). As soon as you start to take control of a fight, it's hard for people to get you off them so they can recover. The damage just keeps pumping and they can't do much about it.

Build #3, Serrated Synergy.
Same thing as the Cele build basically, just slightly different, and used much differently. Don't want to be camping FT as much, but rather rotating skills frequently to bury either Poison or Burn with cover Conditions. Like the Cele version it has very good Cleanse, but not as much Boon uptime. Fortunately having very high health and armor make up for that.
I prefer Thorns runes over Balthazar just because Poison Dart Volley has insane duration scaling (26sec on 8sec recharge). It's easy to get like 12 stacks of Poison on people, and because the duration is so high, basically once you hit someone with that skill they're never going to get rid of it for long, so it's really easy to bury it, lol.

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