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Dash Effect, Jackal Mount/Charr Desync, and Character Orientation Issues


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Issue #1: The dash effect (the little yellow lines that indicate a speed boost of some form, such as from the 15% party speed increase from the Tyria Mastery Supply Line Management), when applied, "widens" or "thins" depending on the direction a character is moving. When moving east and west on a map, it appears as it should be, relative to the width of a character's legs; north and south, however, causes this effect to widen outside of the scope of a character's legs. Turning gradually induces this effect based on the degree the character is turned.

Issue #2: Charr desync with the running animations associated with the jackal mount when mounting while moving. The character will be bobbing incorrectly, moving in the opposite direction of the mount's animation (the character is missing the reins/handholds and so on). Transitioning into any other animation state (stopping moving and/or jumping/dashing) will resync the animation correctly.


Issue #3: Though I have yet to determine what causes the issue directly, a character can occasionally become "improperly" oriented with the ground, relative to the angle of whatever plane they're standing on. The result is that you'll occasionally be stuck with a character that is standing on the ground, but stands at an angle that doesn't align with the horizon--such as standing on a sloped surface and a character tilted at a 45-degree angle. I'm assuming this is a bug related to how the engine is handling IK, and it's tilting the entire character, rather than adjusting a character's leg positions relative to the ground. This bug may occur with other character race/professions, but so far it seems to occur quite often with human/engineer.


Though these issues are related to polish and presentation, the last issue can directly and negatively impact gameplay with things like jumping puzzles.

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