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Nerf Necromancer


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Just thought it might be time to "Necro" this thread...


Personally, I think Necro's offense is in a good spot (with the exception of Lich AAs...). I really wouldn't change anything, even with all their nasty fear chaining and spectral ring BS. It's their thing; it ought to be good.


But they are just too kitten durable to have all that offense, utility, and team presence.  I think reducing the damage /condi reduction in shroud from 50% to 30% would be a good place to start.


Necro should be an excellent team fighter, but should be vulnerable when caught in isolation (the same could also be said for guards and other tanky supports, but they can get their own threads). The ideal should be for team fighters and roamer/duelists to both have room to excel in different situations. We definitely need to move away from the "Necro can do it all" meta.


And let the conversation begin...

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