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Giving Humans (And Asura) more story attention in future expansions


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So with end of dragons promising the end of the dragon cycle, I would like to see an expansion focused on a new threat- HUMANS! no not tyrian humans, but humans from the human place. the place humans came to Tyria from.


Out there there could easily be a human civilization across the mists more advanced in science than asura and more capable at war than Charr. With their gods having left LONG before the human gods left tyria, time to move on and advance, they would have become near godlike themselves, and now move to conquer new worlds! Tyria is in danger as conquest happy humans clash with Tyrian humans and their furry, planty, giant viking, and midget genius friends! a threat so advanced it rivals that of the dragons before it!


Could also have a lot more story possibility than a straight up conflict with human characters  getting some much needed special dialouge lines, and maybe even diplomatic negotiations in play. Some mistrust could happen for Tyrian humans from other races since people who are biologically the same are now threatening the world, we had mistrust for sylvari in HoT not unprecedented. Maybe these homeworld dwelling humans are simply looking for a new planet to settle, as theirs will soon explode, and are just terrible at diplomacy since they just would stomp everything normally?


I Don't have an idea for a full asura story experience yet, but those little guys are so funny and great, with endless humor potential and SCIENCE so I think it could be amazing too.


I have no time or patience for the human haters who dislike playing humans (that itself is fine) and hate on any who enjoy humans and defend their rightful place as a powerful contender once they get their act together (no excuse for hating on what others like).


So let's ignore the fun killers, and ask for what we want to see for our favorite races, without infringing on others fun!


(This post made after reading some ancient ones where some not very bright people trashed humans as weak or stupid, both the arguments of ignorant and trollish fools)

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