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No Yassith’s in the Box?


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I’m currently working through Return to Living World achievements, and noticed on the wiki that the tier 1 ascended weapon reward contains a fairly wide range of stats.

I’d like to ask though, why no Yassith’s (vipers)? The box includes the other two stat sets common to meta builds, zerker(power) and celestial(hybrid), but not vipers(condition/power). Was that an intentional choice for some reason?

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11 minutes ago, Aravind.9610 said:

It only gives core stat choices, not expansion ones. Viper's is a stat introduced in Heart of Thorns not core Guild Wars 2, so its not present in the box.

Ah, that makes sense. That way players who haven’t got the expansions and are picking up the chapters for free right now will have access to everything in the reward. 
Thank you for clearing that up!

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