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'Soulbound' Achievemvents are a Thing?


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I started "Spiritual Renewal" on the first character to be able to do so but took it no further than just 'ticking' the first step.

Yesterday I decided to do it on a different character .. obviously on the same account .. and went to the Snowden Drifts location for the next step. 

She found the bowl in the ground but the NPC wasn't there!  I tried on a second  character, same thing .. only the original character could see the NPC at that location.

I don't recall ANY achievement in this game that only the unlocker could do.  Has this always been a 'thing' I just never stumbled across before?

To be clear, the other PCs could SEE the achievement with the first step ticked, but just couldn't actually do anything with it!

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On 9/20/2021 at 1:56 PM, Dark Skeeve.2695 said:

From the notes section of the bottom of the "Spiritual Renewal" page.

  • As is the case of other achievements, this collection can only be progressed by a character that has completed the pertaining story step which, for this collection, is One Charr, One Dragon, One Champion.


So why is it even shown to other characters if they can't do it?

Simply pointlessly misleading, especially when the in-game text makes no mention of this gating?

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As someone already pointed out - it is not "soulbound". It simply requires a character that made specific story steps to progress. In this case it requires finishing a specific story step. In case of other achievements (like the abovementioned story backpacks) it may require having made specific choices during your story. Notice though, that any other character that meets those requirements can also progress that achievement, and that achievement steps are not character-specific (you can make some on one character, some on another, and the progress will be shared).

Such requirements are actually quite common for achievements that are narratively tied to story in some way.

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