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A Question About PvE DPS


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I'm running Celestial Condi Alacrity Renegade in Fractals, and have noted that it apparently can reach 28K DPS. Frequently when I run Fractals I never see anyone doing above 18K, and even that is rare. Usually it's between 9-15K. In the testing area I manage 15K with the aforementioned build with a full might stack, fury and vulnerability on a standard size golem, and 10-15K in (T4) Fractals. I realise that 28K is a benchmark, but it's basically double what I put out even when I am in the testing zone. So a few questions!


1. What settings are benchmarks achieved with in the testing zone? Everything + huge golem? Is there a way to apply food buffs to yourself for "free"?


2. What is a more realistic damage benchmark for T4s? Or rather a better question given the variability of groups and encounter mechanics, what do YOU consider a decent effort? What about CM (the upper end of potential damage I imagine)? Or is that 28k actually quite realistic in which case...


3. ... What could account for a significant drop in dps? E.g. I sometimes notice I miss the completion of auto attack chains between skill casts. Other times skills don't cast on the first key press. The latter is odd, and annoying, and random.


I don't find our groups struggling often, so yes you could say "if it isn't broke, don't fix it" or even "why u so tox1c wit ur dmg meterz??". To be clear, I don't chide anyone or even mention to the group I am running DPS metres. But I do want to actually be decent.

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