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Frostgeorge Sound


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11 hours ago, Farstryker.5864 said:

what a terrible zone. As a newb to this zone ,everything is so inaccessible.


What's wrong with it? It's one of my favorite maps to chill farm on, even before mounts. It's a map for higher level characters. Like any high level map; if you hit it with a low level characters, the creatures and general enemies will have a larger area of detection. I like to run any new low level characters through it to challenge myself to keep from getting hit.

Like most core maps; I think the map could use some work to add more content to higher areas, increase farming nodes, add ley-lines and updrafts. I'd love to see them add bounties to FS.

HoT maps have a large detection zone for all characters levels.

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I like the zone as a whole, my only gripe is that I find some of the hearts incredibly tedious (particularly the dredge suit one)... but that's not unique to Frostgorge 😄


I can imagine the average player disliking the map because there's quite a bit of higher level underwater combat (with most people not bothering to have underwater gear, so everything takes much longer than usual). There's also a lot of group events, it seems OP would struggle to do those alone, it might feel a bit depressing after a while to keep dying to events. 


Just speculating though, I don't think the map is too hard at all - you can avoid pretty much everything you don't want to deal with, and you can always get better gear to make content easier.

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I do remember the Trionic Lattice area being difficult when I first made it into Frostorge. If you end up down in the ice trenches it channels your movements and it's hard to escape if you start to get overwhelmed by mobs. I learned to avoid that area until I had better gear and experience.

Now that I think of it, that area is one of the few in core Tyria that functions a little bit like HoT maps, in that the terrain is difficult (verticality!), which makes dealing with random mobs more difficult.

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