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Catalyst Bug Thread

Fire Attunement.9835

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BUG: When using Vicious Empowerment trait, Elemental Empowerment does not properly apply when using Shock Wave. You will gain 2 stacks of EE regardless of how many enemies you hit with it, instead of 2 stacks power enemy.  Tested on dummies in Armistice Bastion.


Gust works properly and am unable to test Static Field in motionless dummies but I believe that works. 

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Orbs will still randomly disappear, but a new bug ive encounterd where after casting grand finale, it wont automatically swap back to being orb generation, and will still display grand finale. The only way to fix this, was to recast grand finale after the cooldown with 0 orbs. 

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The boon application from Spectacular sphere prioritizes other players instead of you. You can easily replicate it in any situation when you throw the sphere with more than 5 people in it (not counting yourself) and you wont get any buffs from spectacular sphere at that point (but it will grant boons to those 5 people). If there are less than 5 people it will work on yourself too. Its really a pain in OW meta events.

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Catalyst Hammer 3 orbs seem to be destroyed upon hitting invulnerable enemies.

This is especially annoying on encounters where the boss goes invulnerable often (Fraenir of Jormag) or there are adds that go invulnerable (Mursaat Overseer), since losing the orbs means your energy generation goes down the drain. And if you're trying to give boons, no energy = no boons to the group.

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