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DirectX 11 beta graphics issues

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so, after the Nov 9 update: with the Ryzen 9 5900x windows 11 machine (more details in my post a few posts back), going to the guild hall and interacting with any proprietor NPC or treasury NPC has a 50% or higher chance to crash the game to desktop WITHOUT an ANET crash report popup window. Happened to me at least a dozen times in no more than half an hour. I was simply trying to deposit materials for guild hall upgrades.

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Hello all, just wanted to let you know that we are working on this and I'll update you as soon as I have more info! 

Not really sure what else to say. Can't see chat and names are just a block of pretty tie dye. Very strange. https://imgur.com/a/DupBvX5  

We’re continuing to track issues with the DX11 beta and work on fixes. The next game update will include a fix for the issue that’s causing the purple blur in your text boxes. Thank you all for contin

Please somebody at Anet cross check the colorings with DirectXBeta11. They are starting to look very off. Especially in certain maps where hues are abit extreme. Example Bitterfroast, Maguuma, starting to see very different previews from applied actual. Good to run through each of the colors rendering so gamers no have to send in so many 'bugs'. The discoloring issue seem to have a lot of inconsistencies going on. Preview versus actual are very off

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I encounter horrible "micro stutter" when I enable DX11 and restart the game, all other settings being the same. Even on the lowest possible settings. Happens today, happened from the start of the beta. Please leave this as optional, because it makes the game not only worse, but nauseatingly unplayable.


Windows 10 Home 64bit 21H1, Nvidia driver 496.49. AMD FX-8320, Nvidia GTX1660, 24GB DDR3 1600MHz RAM. 


GW2 runs great without DX11 enabled. 


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Still occurring:
1 - Ice Reaver Cape is a flat black color, occasionally flickers in and out to normal but is 99% of the time pitch black
2 - When mounting occasionally certain dye channels and effects will turn red until restart,  Darkmist Prowler/Primeval Roller Beetle/Trailblazer are affected from the mounts I own, usually it's the effects (ie the flames in trailblazer/mist below primeval)

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So... to me, it seems that texture issues have been fixed. However, effects are still bugged.

Yesterday, in WvW, the following visual bugs occured:

  • Legendary footfalls: pixelated random pattern (after ~1.5 hours of gameplay)
  • Skill effects (domes, AoE fields): random distorted pattern (after ~1.5 hours of gameplay)
  • Floating cape: pixelated random pattern (after ~2 hours of gameplay)
  • Catapult impact location: random square weapon pattern (after ~2 hours of gameplay)

Hope this info helps solving the problem.

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Windows 11 Update November 22, 2021—KB5007262 (OS Build 22000.348) seems to have broken DX11 beta client, causing many crashes to desktop very quickly. with 5 attempts to login, 4 crashed to desktop before the login screen finished loading (generating crash reports which i sent to anet) and one that crashed within a few minutes when i entered my personal guildhall, just before interacting with the treasurer NPC.


then i switched to dx9. (adaptive lighting was bugged in DX9 mode, where some areas were dark, and never lightened, like the WvW vendor platform in Armistice Bastion, while the center crafting area started dark, and then lightened correctly)


additional software and info for DX11:

~Precision X1 w/ OSD on. (on screen display / overlay)

~using -dx11 command line tag on shortcut

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