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DirectX 11 Graphics Issues


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First of all its nice to see that gw now actually use the grafic card ( https://ibb.co/QFXyjDw)

Unfortunatly is the grafics quite meh regarding strange purple things on the gras. The tree looks like from Minecrafts and some color issues.
I added all the screens via the links below too.

Not sure if you face a similar issues.

Bug pictures:


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Sooo.. i tryed to play with my hero but Deldrimor infusion said me: "NO STOP IT, GO AWAYYYYYY"
Game crashes every time with that
Video: https://youtu.be/wHzJew67Uco

Screens: 1) https://imgur.com/U84Yr5R
2) https://imgur.com/bfgqPih
P.S. that yellow hairstyle.. hate it >-<
Hope my dear Arenanet will fix it! 

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I just had another graphics issue: all the text (speech bubbles, chat windows, UI) disappeared out of the blue. Also, along with it, textures are glitching into nothingness when I turn the camera into another direction:



This just happened during the first current LW Return story mission at the Priory, right when I started to talk to Ogden. (It seems fine now that I restarted the game and mission.)

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