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DirectX 11 Graphics Issues

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At the beginning of "The Hero of Istan" story when Amala knocks you out, there's the Amala cutscene and then fade to black and then the prison cutscene.

I tried twice in a row with DX11 enabled, and it crashed both times after fading to black.

Twice in a row with DX11 disabled, and it worked both times.

Not sure if it's related to cinematics in general or something about this specific sequence.


DX11 enabled, fullscreen, g-sync

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Attempting to view this vista at the map enterance for lake doric crashes the game with a white screen if you're opted into the DX11 beta, happened every time I attempted to view it, didn't trigger completing the vista either. Turned off DX11 and I could view the vista just fine.

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1 hour ago, Heron.6859 said:

Purple gradient boxes instead of text.



Windows 7 (64)

Radeon RX 570 series

drivers version 23.20.788.0


52 minutes ago, ThroneOfGWII.7801 said:

Hehe.. same issue here.


Windows 7 64bit


GTX 1070 Ti

running 471.11 drivers


29 minutes ago, Umbramagna.9268 said:

Just for the sake of posting it in the proper page...

I'am too having the same problem.

Windows 7 - R5 3600 - GTX 1060

Hopefully we will get an answer soon everybody!

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Cleared cache and started DX11 on Nvidia 1070. Seems to work fine in every respect except that the screen is too dark.  Too dark to play the game really. The gamma slider does nothing at all so I don't know what to do from here. All my settings are on high or ultra but I can't see that changing them will do anything.  Going to disable the beta for now.

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