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Where Is The Tab For Selecting Our WvW Guild?


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The release notes say, "A new tab for the World Restructuring feature is now available in the in-game World vs. World panel. On this tab, you'll be able to choose which of your guilds you'll want to play with during the World Restructuring beta event." Uhm, I haven't been able to find such a tab on that panel. What am I missing?

EDIT: Oops, should have checked the bug section first. Seems like some people can see the tab, some people can't, and sometimes it disappears on those who have seen it. I'll leave this here in case other people are as confused as I was. Anet did say that they are aware of the issue and are looking into it.

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15 minutes ago, gebrechen.5643 said:

My issue is that I have the tab, but the check sign disappears after closing the window

Same here, but it's only with a new guild where you joined not long ago - and this is the guild where we are all going for the Test Week.


Hope this will be fixed 🙂


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22 minutes ago, Operose.4012 said:

I had the tab for selecting WvW guild and used it when it first became available.  Now I want to change the guild selection and it doesn't show.  Have tried relogging, changing maps, going in and out of PvP and WvW. 


This thread was for the test week about a month ago. What you chose probably doesn't matter as the thing was only in beta and they're fixing it before trying again.

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23 hours ago, Areoh.7495 said:

Where is it now?  Does it work?


It's there and at least for me it remembered my last selection and showed it correctly.


7 hours ago, misterman.1530 said:

I guess this is the beta for the Alliances Beta right now? Or are we on the beta of a beta for a beta? I've lost track of what beta we're beta-ing. 


To be fair we did get some forward notes on what's what. Will give a +1 for that.



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