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WvW restructuring - WvW guild selection bug

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Ok, so I've joined a guild for alliance test and when I check it as my WvW guild and log out check mark disappears. I can check any other guild from my list and check  mark stays, no problems here, but not this specific guild. Several of my guildmates are experiencing tha same problem rn, the others have no troubles checking this guild.

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Same here but I don't need to log off for it to happen. I check the alliance guild box but if I close the WvW window or even just change tab for another one on that window, when i return to the alliance tab, the checked box is no more. I've tried logging off and back on again and it keeps acting like this.z

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I and others in the same guild are experiencing this as well. Our other guilds stay selected, but for this one guild (created recently for the WvW Restructuring Beta) many of us are unable to keep it selected. Visually the checkbox works, but no blue border shows up on the guild, and changing tabs or reopening the WvW window will clear the selection. This does not happen for the four other guilds I am in (blue highlight shows up, checkbox stays checked).

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Same here !! I play in this guild since 6 month ago. I have no others guilds i play... Now im trying to select my guild on Guild Reconstructing Beta tab in WVW menu, but my selectioin dont remains... My big afraid is.. If this bug is not solved i will not be able to play wiht my mates for 2 month?? Thats it?? We have a big problem here... Does ANET have a B plan?

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Another one here with the same problem.


The guild i want to select is the 4th of 4 guilds i am in, and the only one that will not stay ticked.

I have created a new guild in slot 5  just in case it was a " last guild joined" thing,  tick does not stick.


Tried it in Armistice Bastion - no.

Tried it in LA - no.

Tried it in Home Instance - no

Tried it representing another guild - no

Tried it representing no guild - no.

Do not even need to close the WvW window, just changing tabs clears the tick.



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