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ANET Please listen


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       Is it just me? Or do y'all hate mesmers, long range, or long range casters??


       Over a long period of time mesmers have changed into something completely different than originally anticipated.  Gear changes soo many times.  The core reason  why I play is to have my clones... which are unique, almost for any game.


      Almost all elite specs are pushing for melee... or for the mesmers... a deadeye type of mechanic.


     This is probably going to be the last expansion for a long time.  Could you please add like a clone tier mechanic....  where you can merge clones, weak, medium, strong, add more clone space like 5 instead of 3.  And it should be available to switch targets with out a skill.  That is the spec needed.  Sharper images is just the tip of the iceberg, unlesh mesmers true powers.... forget dagger stuff, I'm a mage not a thief.


    Another mechanic to add is.  Maybe at 1200 vitality give class specific 2 options (bonuses) of buffs... each Stat could have options at met thresholds.  That would be easy to balance and add more viable specs.


     Add a way to choose your stats completely on armor... not presets...  one thing has vitality and pecision.

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