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Elemental Fury Backpack/Glider dye channels bug

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Since I started the DX11 beta I noticed that my backpack/glider The Elemental Fury's dye channels have gone and merged. Previously each of the 4 dye channels changed 1 of the elements into a different color, one dye channel for the fire, water, lightning and circling stones.


Now however each of the dye channels appears to impact the entire backpack/glider. Pictured is the backpack with all 4 of the default dyes showing the single color the backpack takes instead of the 4 unique colors it used to have, and then I change the lightning slot to the flame dye and the entire backpack changes color instead. 


https://imgur.com/9LI24rU (default colors merged into one color for the backpack)

https://imgur.com/MpmcrqQ (changed 1 slot to flame dye and the entire backpack changed instead of just the lightning.)

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