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Disappearing backpiece fix

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  • 2 years later...

Following up to this..

1. Still a problem, 2 years on..
2. I just crafted the PvP backpiece and discovered when showing it to a friend that it will always disappear when I unstow my weapon, and I have to toggle the visibility checkbox on the backpiece to make it show up again.
3. My tiger that came with the legendary shortbow also disappears most of the time from other players' view.

I work so hard to create this flair in Fashion Wars and feel quite cheated that I THINK that I am able to show off my achievements but no one else but me sees them.

Will someone please look into this? I will be happy to make videos with a friend to show the behaviour (or sit with someone in game to show all options)



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@Malice Wonder.6713 I've never asked other players if they could see my weapons/backpiece when it vanished, I thought it must be a performance issue on my end but it turns out it wasnt. So far it "stopped" when gliding was disable in ww, I'll update letting you know if its still happening

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