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[Request] Make (more) soundtracks available to buy


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Hello Anet,


Could you consider releasing some of your missing soundtracks in the future? Ideally in physical format too, but even digital would be fine.


Now I know some of it is available on itunes, but it's missing a lot of legacy content.

Guild Wars Prophesies/Factions/Nightfall are only available in collector editions that are getting harder to find.

Some bonus tracks of Prophecies, Sorrow's furnace, Battle Pak 1 and Eye of the North are now impossible to find since DirectSongs is gone. They weren't lossless quality anyway.

Yes I'm aware they're from Jeremy Soule, but the Guild Wars 2 core album is also from him and it's still being sold.


Also ITunes is missing Living Season 1 in general, which contains one of the most iconic themes that is the Battle of the Breachmaker.

It's also missing the festival themes & SAB.


Soundcloud is an okay-ish option, but it's nowhere near as organized a proper cd / soundtrack release.


Thank you 🙂

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