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*Suggestion* Scrapper - Electro-Whirl Animation


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After messing around with the new Elementalist Elite skill "Hurricane of Pain" I just wanted to point out that Engineer's Electro-Whirl needs to have this animation as well.  It doesn't have to be the full 10-12 rotation but at least give it a better animation.  When you're moving on scrapper and using Electro-Whirl, it looks painful to see how lack luster the animation is inside the whirl itself.  This only happens when you're on the move where as the Catalyst looks kitten while you're moving in Hurricane of Pain.

When Engineer first got hammer, I crafted the legendary and none of the abilities had the effects on it.  I guess a few months later they fixed it so I'm hoping they'll do some animation rework for the Scrapper.

Scrapper Animation while moving (ouch...)

Catalyst Animation while moving

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