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Make Hammer 3 the Catalyst's mechanic


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Here's my suggestion:

- F5 summons the orb from Hammer 3 based on your current attunement (change the Hammer 3s to be something else, the weapon sure as hell needs more) 

- you can even still call them Jade spheres

- you can have up to one sphere for each element 

- the spheres orbit on a distance based on your weapon (Staff: far, Scepter/Hammer: midrange, Dagger: melee)

- spheres do stuff based on the element to foes/allies (damage, conditions, boons, etc.)

- your job is to make sure to position yourself so the spheres have the maximum effect

- Each sphere drains energy (like upkeep, the more spheres you have the more they drain)

- Other skills/utilities generate energy (could also be tied to traits)

- Grand finale is the F6 that is available when you have reached an upper energy threshold (so you have to build more energy than the spheres are draining in order to use it). 

- Grandmaster traits alter what grand finale does

- Obviously, Grand finale is the big payoff, so it's effect needs to be massive

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I like the concept, but I'd rather have cooldown than energy cost.


Ele has always been about managing cooldown effectively. Make it:

- F5 summon Jade Spheres. I'm okay with it being ~300 range for all weapons. More range for staff seems OP.

- Press F5 again to unleash the orbs and cause HUGE damage and a Field at the target location based on the current Attunement. Each orbs becomes a Projectile, granting Projectile Combo through Field.

- Orb last 10s base. Refresh on attunement change. Again, no energy, just cooldown.

- Orb hitting friends granting boons based on current Attunement. Hitting foes does damage/conditions based on the current Attunement.

Now that's exciting.

- In Solo PvE, you can keep the orbs on, and save the F5 on bigger champ.

- In Fractal/Raid, you can help the team with the right combo at the right time.

- In PvP, it's good for team fight (if you don't die instantly as a close range glass cannon)

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This idea is Good. This spec needs to be simplified to work. If they move the class skills around they could make i nice class with good combo potential.

My idea was like the other others in this post, put the Hammer 3 orb mechanic on the F5 and make it almost like a toggle and a projectile finisher.

Break the Current F5 jade sphere up turn it into Wells for the utilities, gives us much need combo fields, to combo into and get these auras and boons these traits want us to get.

Either turn the Hammer into a full ranged weapon a 600-900 range and give a blast finisher and projectile finisher on each attunement. Or make it full melee and give each attunment a blast and Leap finisher.

I like the concept of the catalyst but it needs to be simplified alot to be of any use.

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- the spheres orbit on a distance based on your weapon (Staff: far, Scepter/Hammer: midrange, Dagger: melee)

I was thinking much along the lines you were, but instead of this, just make the area a function of energy.  As you do lots of damage, your spheres extend out, and as the energy fades they contract.

I would also keep the combo field=current alignment.  So you can jump into the middle of people, blast yourself, and either heal/buff them, or jump into the enemy and play games there.

I don't like placing a circle here - too finicky for the purpose.

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