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Improving Vindicator


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Ideas on how to improve Vindicator gameplay mechanics and rework the flaws that the espec brought to Revenant. I took some inspiration from other posts to make use of the great ideas others have too. Thank you!
(I will try to avoid mentioning bugs that are gonna get fixed untill the full release anyways).

+ Let's start with GREATSWORD:

GS3 / Phantom's Onslaught - needs an evade frame
GS4 / True Strike - if hits after the block - get boons (something like aegis or protection).
GS5 / Eternity's Requiem - needs to go. Replace it with the current Vindicator dodge animation and make it do some aoe damage and provide boons to allies (something like vigor or resistance).

+ Moving on to ALLIANCE STANCE:

In general - remove/tone down the slow cds and let us play with energy as revenant is supposed to. That fixes all the utility skills.

ELITE / Spear of Archemorus - is now an upkeep. No cast required. Your autoattacks become ranged attacks (spears)
ELITE / Urn of Saint Viktor - is now an upkeep. No cast required. Heal aoe. The longer the upkeep, the stronger the heal / Drop Urn of Saint Viktor - DELETE!

+ Now the DODGE:

The old dodge animation, as mentioned before, is now GS5.
Give dodge the evade frame it needs and make it look like the revenant is walking thru the mists (mist form). Explodes upon dodge end / leaving the mists.

+ And finally CLASS MECHANICS AND TRAITS (some stay unchanged, but I still put them here for better visualisation) :

F2 - lose energy, gain endurance
F3 - Summon Archemorus / Saint Viktor (the skill itself also flips) and make them do the original elite skill. Archemorus throws a spear, Saint Viktor drops the urn.
F4 - lose endurance, gain energy

MINOR ADEPT / Tenacious Ruin - Instead of dodging, open a step through the mists. Dodging costs all of your endurance and can only be executed at full endurance.

MAJOR ADEPT / Leviathan Strength - F3 now also flips alliance stance skills. The cooldown of F3 is increased.
MAJOR ADEPT / Amnesty of Shing Jea - F3 now resets F1 cooldown. The cooldown of F3 is increased.
MAJOR ADEPT / Redemptor's Sermon - F3 grants health and boons if Saint Viktor is summoned. F3 grants damage increase if Archemorus is summoned.

MINOR MASTER / Balance in Discord - When struck while below the health threshold, heal allies in the area and cleanse their conditions.

MAJOR MASTER / Reaver's Curse - Gain endurance for each target affected by your dodge. Gain increased damage for a period of time upon impact.
MAJOR MASTER / Angsiyan's Trust - F3 now costs endurance instead of energy. Dodging now costs energy instead of endurance but loses the evade frame.
MAJOR MASTER / Song of Arboreum - Grant vigor to yourself and nearby allies after dodging. Vigor has an increased effect on you.

MINOR GRANDMASTER / Empire Divided - Gain increased power while above the health threshold. Gain increased healing power while below it.

MAJOR GRANDMASTER / Forerunner of Death - Your total endurance and the cost of dodging are both increased. Dodging now deals more damage but affects a smaller area and grants Aegis.
MAJOR GRANDMASTER / Vassals of the Empire - Dodging now opens a mist portal usable by allies. Allies who pass through the mists get boons and extended boon duration.
MAJOR GRANDMASTER / Saint of zu Heltzer - Your endurance bar and the cost of dodging are reduced, but the affected area is increased. You now heal allies. Outgoing healing is increased for a period of time.

Hope you guys had fun reading this and feel free to discuss.
Have a nice day !

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