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General espec and profession thoughts


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Not exactly sure how to articulate this, but I’m going to give it a try…


I understand that the devs want to provide some uniqueness to professions and especs, however, with each passing xpac, the team unintentionally ends up doubling and tripling down on unnecessary elements. Seems there is more focus devoted to making sure that some types of “this crazy idea to make it different” gets thrown into the mix of every profession, and more of a focus on getting players to play the mechanics of a profession and espec instead. That’s kinda backwards. 


Players want to play the game, focus on combat, positioning, movement, using the right skills at the right time, and using quality and more balanced skills. Not fiddling around with all these varying mechanics. 


I’m going to use an analogy to make a point, so I’m clearer and more understandable… Facetious example judging by past designs and experiences…


I’m kind of expecting Ranger to have a hammer weapon that varies in attack distances/ranges and damage based off of health. Heal, utility, and elite skill potency will vary in potency based off of what pet family the Ranger happens to use. Ranger will have pets that can merge, and their  attacks and functions will be random based off the hybrid merge. There will be a trait that allows for 3 dodges, but if you use all 3, then the Ranger is locked out of their heal skill until the endurance bar fills up. Another trait only gives you 1 dodge, but it gives your pet 1 extra attack every 30 seconds…


Again, being facetious, but honestly, all sorts of ideas like that float during brainstorming a profession or espec, and some of those things land. And again, I understand the intention is to create something unique, but in many cases it’s plain off putting and has the opposite effect of what you’re hoping to achieve. 


And honestly, I thought for sure Ele would have been given 200 new weapon skills and randomly generated Attunements, that the player has no control over, this expac, because that’s kind of what I’ve come to expect unfortunately.


Players want to play the game, not whatever different and random mechanical elements and “features”, and certainly not the UI. Please shave out the unnecessary designs, and please focus on proving more understandable and more approachable designs to classes, specs, weapon skills, and such. 


Each xpac keeps doing a disservice to the great core combat system you’ve created. These different designs also becomes an added nightmare to any balancing efforts, and you’re making your jobs 10x harder than it should be. This also has the side effect of drawing resources and attention away from fixing up and working on past profession weapons, skills, traits… 


As the game ages, professions have become more and more unlikable to play because too much effort goes into trying to make things different. But sometimes less is more, and that “sometimes” is what professions and especs in this game needs. 


Keep it simple also comes to mind… There is nothing inherently wrong with having a core base and sets of mechanics for each profession and espec, then focusing on providing quality skills and sensible balancing efforts. 


Honestly, instead of all these random mechanics, random designs, random skills, random skill ranges on a individual weapon sets… Is there really anything wrong with giving all professions and especs a simple base to build from? Like honestly, what’s so bad about professions and especs having core foundational design principles? Stuff like… 


- 2 weapon swaps
- Every class and espec weapon is based off of timer, not energy types.
- Everyone gets 2 dodges
- Make weapons and weapon skills make sense…. With the exception of a certain special or defining weapon skill, all individual weapons function at the same distance, not 1 weapon with 5 different skills that have 5 different ranges. 

…Then you work on providing sensible, understandable, quality, and unique weapon skills, slot skills, traits… because those are the most important. Not all this other parlor trick stuff and things that make you scratch your head. 

Edit- And to use a real world analogy… What started off as an eclectic interior home design, has ended up becoming a hoarders house. It’s a mess, and more and more clutter keeps being added. Maybe time to throw away stuff, clean up and get organize. 

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This is an interesting point to me because I was thinking today something similar. There seems to be a shift in design philosophy going on. It's hard to articulate but generally, I feel that the design has become simpler and more focused. We see common themes for a given set of traits as one example. We saw that before (Daredevil GM's) but I think we are seeing that WAY more now, so much so that I wonder why. 

I do see some things that feel complicated as the OP says, just for the sake of it (Dragon trigger swapping dependent on using Gunsaber for example)

Now, as for the point about balance, I disagree. I've always been of the opinion that balancing on a specific build or spec is unnecessary for the reasons of 'not performing'. The continued release of especs just reinforces that belief because at some point, it's just an insurmountable task to do performance balancing. I think Anet's goal is way simpler... to have some level of 'played' time for various specs they want played. That's easy to see from how the recent patch notes are worded. 

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Arena net promised that we get more functional combinations of skills in gw2 than in gw1. I don't know what about the other classes, but with my Ranger there are just 2. And no really good for wvw zerging or pvp. 


I also think, that anet is concentrating on fabulous looking skills/specialisations/traits instead of balancing and usability. It's like the weapon skins. The coolest skins (for me) are the starter skins. Everything else is just blink-blink and look-at-me-how-stupid-my-avatar-looks. But it is flashy and that is most important. 😔


Guild wars 1 had the best skills system I've ever seen. Like magic the gathering but in balanced and fair. The systems in gw2 are just complicated and eye catching for your powerpoint presentation. 

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