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Couple of issues with DX11 enabled

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I've had at least 3 issues while running DX11 so I thought I'd share here.

  1. With DX11 enabled when I press the Windows key instead of the game minimising properly it just brings the start menu and taskbar up in front of the game. Is this what windowed fullscreen is supposed to be like? 'cause I think someone assumed I was using windowed fullscreen when I complained about the issue, but I wasn't.
  2. While tabbed out of the game it stopped responding at some point, and when I navigated back to it after clicking Windows threw up the typical "program is not responding" window.
  3. Just moments before I came to type this post I had my first crash since enabling DX11...afaik all I did was try to walk forward while on the Gendarran airship after logging in, and it pretty much crashed instantly. I sent a crash report to ANet of course, as I always do.
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