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Legendary Equipment on last beta e spec testing please


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A lot of people have asked for this now, so i just come with it again now so it gets some attention from anet if they see this.

So I (and surely a lot of others) want to see legendary equipment on 4th e spec beta testing.

To instantly answer some questions:
Why not on 3rd too? - Because it would be unfair if ranger, engi and thief get legendary equipment while others had not. On 4th beta testing ALL e specs r avaible, so every class can use them then.
What is the problem with the current system? - The problem is that the rune bags for condi (sry for that now) just include trash runes. Not lying. Harbinger has tormenting rune for best dps option, its not in rune bag. Also condi vindi does pretty well as hybrid and tormenting rune, as i said, is not in the rune bag. Catalyst also does good as Dagger x Focus hybrid and best runes r not in the rune bag. Also no 7% crit chance sigil in it for power virtu. And the exotic gear gives not enough stats to reach 100% condi duration or perfect crit chance.

Also this could make legendary equipment more attractive for some players by showing how useful it is. And the 21 transmution charges wouldnt be needed too anymore since transmuting leggy equip is for free.

Giving last beta e spec test some legendary equip would make it easier to give feedback because just everything feels trashy with trashy equip. I mean some classes have such a potential but how should i test it effectively if i can just reach like 44% condi duration if i am lucky. Or having to use assassins gear because its exotics and no 7% cric chance sigil is there.

However this would just be so much easier for everyone...please just think about doing this.

Happy about every useful feedback even if its against all this tho.
Thx for reading.

Here I found a post speaking about sth like i said, saw it just after doing this.

However i just also found 1 downsite:
Giving the leggy equip for the e spec characters would unlock the skins or not? But i think this could be avoided somehow?

Edit 2: Alright this downsite is removed by @Tails.9372 reply.

Edited by SeTect.5918
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The first beta test was kind of a wake-up call but luckily all the other professions I'm actually interested in are in round 3 so I've got more than enough time to make a set of legendary runes.

36 minutes ago, SeTect.5918 said:

However i just also found 1 downsite:
Giving the leggy equip for the e spec characters would unlock the skins or not?

Not really, you get the notification that you unlocked new skins but they will still be locked if you switch back to your actual characters.

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