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DX11 Living World Season 2 - Hidden Arcana broken

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Just encountered this, using DX11. Maybe useful for the devs: the walls and floor and my character model loaded back in when I changed my camera angle so that the fires in the kitchen (which were flashing erratically) were no longer in frame. UI was still in quite a state, though, and prevented me from using the in-game bug reporting.

There must be more to it than just the fires, though, because Special Collections is also mostly a void.

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added additional info from playing further
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I've ran into this issue myself although it was specifically in the Priory Special Collections portion and only after about 20 minutes of wandering around the library section prior to talking to Ernswort because I was reading the random lore books. The bug happened before and after the Halloween update. I think there may be a weird memory leak or something tied to bugged reflections within the crystal portion that is still loaded in the background. The reason I know it's in the background even in the library is I can see it when the world glitches entirely. There's a lesser glitch where I can clip the camera through the bookcases on the wall to see outside the map as well.

Edit: I'd like to add that I was able to complete the story instance without the game breaking bug occurring because it didn't happen to me unless I stayed in that area for an extended period like I said. It seems others are having it happen to where they simply can't progress.


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Yep, same exact problem here. The UI is so far gone that I can't even quit out of the game without Alt+F4 or Task Manager->End Task. I've loaded into this story mission a handful of times at this point, including a couple times after the 10/5 update, and the bug is still happening as long as I keep DX11 enabled.

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