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One thing I hate about the bladesworn


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Yeah I EXTREMELY Hope they swap the F keys around. 


Its like they want us to forget years of muscle memory and have us have to re-adjust to not keep accidently swapping weapons when we mean to use our burst class ability. 

Or yes, do what the person above suggests, just too bad if you play multiple classes right. 


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The most obvious QoL improvement would be to give it the berserker treatment with how the berserk mode is the same button as the burst skill, you can always just weapon swap out with the weapon swap button anyway.


and I guess there is the matter of why can't you just enter your charge up mode with any weapon active, triggering a weapon swap when you do since the blade is basically sheathed anyway when you are charging it, they need only put the ability on the same weapon swap cooldown when swapping if that is an issue. (The above solution would more or less fix this anyway however)

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