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Bladesworn Pros and Cons


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  • Pros:
  • The gunblade and the spec are in the right direction with the fun anime style gameplay, looks cool also
  • Lots of sustain which other specs like SB duelist lacked
  • Really simple but good elite skill
  • Interesting new heal, not quite mending I guess but still very usable
  • Not forcing us to use Fast Hands anymore is an interesting change of pace 
  • Artillery Slash is fun, and has great range 😄
  • The Armament abilities are a unique idea, even if some of the skills are underwhelming atm



  • Dragon Trigger hits like a wet noodle in pvp. The power coefficient is way too low which only encourages it to be spammed for mobility and quick stun potential. This needs a buff. There's left over "flow" always just sitting around while in combat most of the time also
  • Break Step needs better range than 450, as even with two charges its barely moving us anywhere. Buffing the range will also push people away from quick dumb Dragon Trigger bursts for mobility.
  • Blooming Fire is using the Eviscerate animation too precisely which isn't good, as that was meant to be a slow telegraphed massive attack. The speed of the animation should be faster by a bit and less clunky. Or simply buff the damage on this to justify the slow eviscerate animation.
  • Overall the damage is lacking tbh.
  • Feeling too pigeonholed into using shouts. This is alright for now but Defense and Arms especially need reworks and buffs. Stances are being openly neglected in the traits and it's making me question if Anet even has any Warrior mains...
  • Flicker Step needs better range (and possibly more charges). If you've already committed to an anime teleporting warrior, might as well have this be a super cool ability with some good range and crazy anime style blinking going on. Just an opinion yes but for what it's worth.
  • Maybe just me but Bulls Charge feels like it doesn't synergize at all now with this current spec. Seems smarter to take another shout or Endure Pain(?). If that's the point then alright fair enough but it just feels like a waste of one the warriors most historically used and fun abilities.
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