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"Fix" for the in game text box blurred as a result of DX-11 graphics problem.


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Many of you no doubt are having an in game issue of all the text boxes being blurred out as if it was censored.  The way to "fix" this issue and get the game to display the text again is:

1) While in game, press ESC, then click on the 2nd blurred box from the top (this is the Options)

2) When the Options window pops up, click on the 2nd icon from the top on the far left hand side (this is the Graphics Options)

3) Then amongst all the blurred out text boxes, some of them will have a little square in front of them with checkmarks.   Click & uncheck the very first box (this is the Enable DX 11 Rendering Beta Option)

4) Press ESC again to exit out to the main menu options, then click on the very last blurred box to exit out to desktop.

5) Restart your GW2 game and log back in while keeping your fingers & toes crossed.

Hopefully all of the texts in your game will be displayed again once you restart the game.    I hope this posts helps y'all fix your text box issues.  It's the freaking DX 11 Beta that is causing this text box bug!

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