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BladeSworn, at this point, is a redesign on the table?


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If you follow the feedback the overwhelming majority of the feedback can be summed up as:


1- Flavor is Ok (some care and like it, most just dont care about it).

2- Performance is TERRIBLE.

3- Usability/Flow is TERRIBLE.


So at this point in time, is a deep redesign on the table as a possibility or are just looking at some numbers adjustments here and there?.


Because the former might save the Elite, but the Later will likely render it DOA.

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  • Apolo.5942 changed the title to BladeSworn, at this point, is a redesign on the table?

If I recall correctly, when they first previewed Revenant, it didn't even have weapon swap.

A lot can happen between now, the second beta, and the final release. IMO Bladesworn has a lot of elements that could make a fun spec, they just don't quite connect together correctly right now. That's definitely something Anet can fix before release, if they set their hearts on it.

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I like the Bladesworn a lot. The usability it's as easy to fall into as say Berserker, but I think a non-zero portion of that is learning to to play it. I like that I have to learn how to get used to something as opposed to kind of just spamming on Berserker.


I like the concept of a big build up and big payoff playstyle. I think there are things that could be improved liek the weapon swap cooldown and the F1/F2 placement, but I don't think anything on the Bladesworn is terrible at all.

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Well I think things like giving Dragon Trigger to side arm, or some minor trait adjustments certainly are in the realm of possibility. Same as probably faster flow generation and shorter windup times in pvp e.g. But I doubt they change the mechanic itself significantly. Maybe reform like one trait which allows you to move in the wind up time but do less dmg.


But I also think that a complete overhall is not necessary and will likely hurten the spec. As a complete new mechanic this late in development is half-cooked at best. I think with the adjustments demands I have seen most often (DT also outside of gunsaber, remove weapon swap cooldown after exiting DT, use F1 for DT and weapon switch for gunsaber, fix the core trait interactions) and better numbers for PvP (be dmg and/or charge time) the spec will be in a good spot.

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I think it is the only thing that might make this ESpec fun. A complete overhaul. But that won't happen. And it will be tweak here and there, traits fixed, some QOL and bigger numbers and will only be used because of power creep. When people will stop paying berseker because both specs are redundant in terms of role.

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